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Cantilever Traveller

Ideal solution for the execution of large span structures, such as stayed and non-stayed bridges and overpasses, where the construction methodology of cantilever traveller is used. This technology is used when it is not feasible to use conventional Shoring by supporting directly under the ground, or on bridges over rivers and sea.Know more

The system consists of trusses that work on a traveller system, supporting the cantilever construction of staves, whether these are concreted on site or by launching precast staves.

The staves are segments of the board, determined in the structural design.

After the concreting of the staves, or lifting of the precast staves, the Cantilever Traveller System is moved forward along with the entire shoring of and stave formwork set, in order to enable the concreting or lifting of the next segment of the bridge or overpass.

The technology was developed by the Brazilian Engineer Emilio Baumgart in 1930.




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