Rohr | Factory and Deposits

Proprietary Technology to ensure Agility.

The coming together of an automated factory, seeking to incorporate new tech, with a highly specialized team provides high quality and agility in the manufacturing of Rohr products.

RIC RIC, Rohr Indústria e Comércio, excels in the development and assurance of its products’ quality, acquired and leased by Rohr to its clients. The line of products leased by Rohr can be acquired in the factory of Rohr Indústria e Comércio.

Located in Casa Branca, a little more than 200 km from the city of São Paulo, ROHR’s automated factory develops products that prioritize quality and production solutions tailored for our clients’ needs.

A ROHR delves deep into engineering issues in order to find the ideal technical solutions. All that is made in order to meet our objectives in a safe way and within the proposed periods of time.